Mindset Mastery

In this lesson you’ll learn how to improve your mindset (if it needs improving) so that you can handle problems and challenges that naturally crop up when growing your own food.

I introduce two techniques:

These techniques can be used in other parts of your life but I give some specific examples related to growing food.

And I’ve included worksheets for both techniques you can download and print.

I admit, it’s not easy changing your mindset. And it’s maybe the thing you don’t really want to devote your time to as you want to get out and grow food. But without a strong mindset, you are going to run into problems when challenges with growing food come your way (and trust me, they will).

While this lesson hopefully helps you, there may be those times when you just need a bit of additional help. Here are the resources available in the membership that can help you specifically with mindset issues around growing food. Note that all are virtual via Zoom.

  • Monthly Garden Gatherings – get coaching from Marc in a group setting. Even if you don’t get a chance to get a “hot-seat” to get help with your situation, group coaching is also useful to learn from others in the group who get help with their situation. And you can watch previous Gatherings as these are all recorded.
  • Community Forum – post your mindset challenges and issues in the forum and get help and encouragement from other members and Marc
  • One on one coaching – get coaching from Marc directly in a completely private 1 hour one-on-one session. Especially useful if there’s something that you don’t want to discuss in front of other members. Access will depend on your membership tier:
    • Monthly Members – this is not included in your membership fee. But contact me if you’re interested in an ad-hoc session for a separate fee.
    • Annual Members – book a free 1 hour 1-1 call every quarter (three months). You will get an email reminder at the start of ever quarter.
    • VIP Members – book a free 1 hour 1-1 call every month. You will get an email reminder at the start of ever month.