Safe and Sound

In this lesson you’ll learn some of the common injuries and accidents common to outdoor growing and what you can do to ensure your gardening isn’t marred by a trip to the hospital.

Being in good physical condition is key. If you push yourself too hard, you end up injuring yourself and that stops all progress. You need to know what you’re capable of, especially if you have limited mobility or some chronic health condition.

And asking for help when you need it is not a sign of weakness. Everyone uses a pro at times for those tasks they’re not comfortable doing themselves.

I believe accidents and injuries are avoidable. Preparing for and watching out for common hazards avoids most accidents. And when an accident or injury does happen, being prepared to tackle emergencies will minimize the impact this will have and could save your life as well.

I’ve included a cheatsheet that lists the major points covered as an easy reference.

So stay safe out there so you can enjoy many years of accident and injury-free growing!