Storage Success

In this lesson you’ll learn how to properly store and organize all of your garden tools, supplies and even some gardening gear.

Picking the right spot is your first step. There are advantages and disadvantages to the various options and in some cases you might not have much choice of where to store your garden “stuff”.

One key criteria is to store everything securely to keep your things from being stolen or getting damaged. And you also don’t want children or pets getting injured by your tools or eating/drinking your supplies!

Keep in mind that being very organized will make finding something quick and easy, instead of searching high and low for something and wasting time.

I’ve also included a cheatsheet that lists the major points covered as an easy reference.

If you’re looking to buy some items to organize your storage space, check out my Garden Shed Organization Kit on

You can also watch my YouTube video of how I organize my garden stuff in my garden shed and greenhouse.