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Urban Gardening For Beginners

This is my first published book! Split into two sections on Outdoor Gardening and Indoor Gardening, it's full of great tips and advice for beginners growing food in the city.

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jamie at home

Looking for delicious recipes using homegrown food? Want tips on how to grow vegetables and fruits at home? This book is a recipe and gardening book in one!

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A Year on The Garden Path

Looking for a weekly guide of what to do in the garden? Want to garden more organically? This book is a week to week guide on how to grow organically.

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The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse

Thinking of building a greenhouse? Want to save energy heating and cooling it? This book is a comprehensive guide to building energy efficient greenhouses.

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Year Round Vegetable Gardener

Want to grow vegetables year-round? Think it is impossible in your climate? This book banishes the misconception that you can’t grow food in winter.

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The Zero-Mile Diet

Concerned that our food is coming from so far away? Want to grow local food just steps away from your kitchen? This book covers how to grow food at home.

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How to Dry Foods

Looking for information on how to dry fruit and veggies that you’ve grown? This book is a comprehensive guide on how to dry almost anything.

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