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Last updated: September 20, 2021

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Membership Guidelines

We want the Seed to Table membership to be a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of where you live, what your climate is like, how much knowledge you have and where you are in your homegrown food journey.

As a member you are able to post in the community and participate in live online events (masterclasses, Q&As). But it needs to be done responsibly.

All members are expected to follow these guidelines:

Be supportive and courteous. Encourage and support your fellow members with the desire to help one another. We all have the same general goal: to grow food for our families. No one here is looking for your criticism, cynicism, or judgement. If you have nothing good to say, then it’s best not to say anything.

Share generously. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another member needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. If you’re ever in doubt if something is appropriate to share or not, please contact me and I’ll check it out.

Be constructive. We’re here to push each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help each other think bigger, reframe challenges, and stay curious.

Don’t spam, promote, or troll. This community exists to help you learn. It’s not a place to spam, promote your services, or bully anyone else. If you have suggestions for a supplier, you can mention it, but no affiliate links should be used if you are linking to their website. If in doubt, contact me first before posting.

Keep all content family-friendly. While this site is not designed for anyone under 18 years of age, I know that kids are naturally curious what you’re doing and might peak over your shoulder or sit on your lap. So don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your kids or other kids to see. And please watch your language (no swearing) during the live workshops and the Garden Gatherings.

What is shared in the group, stays in the group. If there is ever something that you would like to share outside of this membership, please ask for permission first, whether it be from me or one of the other members.

Let’s stick to organic methods. As my method of growing food is mainly organic (meaning no use of synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers), I’d like to keep the community focussed on organic control methods. This means no recommendation of using chemicals such as Roundup, regardless of what your personal feelings are about using it.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, see a member not abiding by them or you don’t think you can abide by them, please reach out to me.